Removable bollards

TiSO removable parking bollards are the simplest type of such devices which can be easily removed if there is necessity in free passage or driveway.

It represents a metal tube with special fastening unit, firmly mounted.

In case when bollards have to be dismounted, service staff can easily take them off to provide free access to an area in seconds.

Our company produces removable bollards of two diameters and heights. Manufacturing of bollards of other sizes is available under request. Such bollards are not anti-ram and perform only fence function. Fastening unit can be mounted onto road, pavement, or installed with submerge (but even in such case this device has no anti-ram characteristics). TiSO removable bollards are the best and most aff ordable solution in order to organize pedestrian zone or parking near shopping centers, malls, office buildings etc.

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Removable bollard

datasheet of parking removable bollard

Drawing of parking removable bollard
Parking removable bollard (PDF 61Kb)
Drawing of parking removable bollard
Parking removable bollard (PDF 73Kb)
Technical specs:
Model Parking removable bollard
Diameter, mm 114/140/170/220/273/325
Bollard height, mm 500/600/700/800/900/1000
Minimal installation depth, mm 400
Bollard steel tube thickness, mm 3-10
Material - Stainless steel;
- Structural steel: (galvanized and powder coated).
Minimal foundation case dimensions, mm 400x400x400
Operating temperature -40 °С +60 °С (for temperatures lower than -10 °С use the heating resistance)
Parking removable bollard

Manual of parking removable bollard
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