M50 High security Automatic bollards

TiSO M50 High security automatic bollards are designed to prevent unauthorised vehicles access to secure areas and to provide the highest level of antiterrorism protection. Generally, this type of equipment is installed at high risk sites where maximum protection to the public and assets are required. Typically, where there could be a high risk of heavy vehicle attack such as public places (stadiums, fairgrounds), government institutions, or military infrastructures etc.
These bollards are installed in either single or multiple units with an external hydraulic station and PLC, connected via the hydraulic hoses. A separate push button control unit is supplied for manual control which is usually installed within the security office.
Additionally, this equipment can be easily integrated and interconnected with ACS and other vehicle access control equipment (arm barriers etc.).

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High security automatic bollard M50
TiSO M50 High security automatic bollards RB342

datasheet of high security automatic bollard (certified RB342)

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Model RB342
Security class ASTM F 2656-07, M50, P1(-0.6m)
Installation type Submersible
Actuator type / location Hydraulic / external
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 780x830x2160
Tube diameter, mm 325
Wall thickness, mm 30
Height of tube raising, mm 1200 (± 20)
Power consumption, kW 4
Impact resistance, kJ 1845,0
Axle load, t 15
Rising speed, cm/sec ~31
Lowering speed, cm/sec ~35
Emergency fast operation (EFO), s 1,5
Operating temperature*, °С -40/+60
Power supply 3 phrase 400 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection level IP 67 for Bollard
IP54 for control box
Retractable tube material Steel 20
Tube coating (standard) Galvanized and powder coated tube (any RAL up on request)
Stainless steel sleeve / casing up on request
* for temperatures lower than -10 °C use the heating device / for temperatures higher than +40 °C use the cooler device

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