Fixed bollards

TiSO fixed and removable parking bollards are widely used as static barriers in order to provide vehicle access control and parking management of secured areas. Due to bollards design and wide variety of available models, this type of solution becomes a good addition to different urban architectural concepts.

Fixed parking bollards do not take anti terroristic function, but still useful to manage traffic.

TiSO bollards is a good idea in order to organize pedestrian zone or parking near malls, office buildings, public institutions, and private areas. In difference to fixed bollards, removable ones are suitable for installations with low intensity of vehicle passes (for instance, temporary allowed vehicle entrance during certain hours of a day).

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Parking fixed bollard RB344


datasheet of parking fixed bollard

Drawing of parking fixed bollard
Technical specs:
Model RB344-30 RB344-36 RB344-39 RB344-31 RB344-37 RB344-40
Type Parking fixed/removable bollard
Tube diameter, mm 114 220 273 114 220 273
Tube height, mm 600 800
Wall thickness, mm 4
Installation depth, mm 300
Tube materials - Brushed stainless steel AISI 304
- Brushed stainless steel AISI 316
- Galvanized and powder coated tube (any RAL up on request)
Operating temperature -40 °С +60 °С (for temperatures lower than -10 °С use the heating resistance)
Parking fixed bollard


manual of parking fixed bollard
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