The road blocker RB319-25-M designed to limit access / reduce the speed of cars to the territory.

The feature of the blocker is the construction of sections (the blocker and the ramp), so there are almost no restrictions on the width of the limitation of the moving part. Also, one of the main advantages is the mobility of the blocker is that it does not need to be installed in the road surface. Such a mobile version of the blocker just needs to be installed on the road surface and it is ready for work.

Mechanical road blocker RB319-25-M was tested and certified according to PAS 68 / IWA14 - 1 (7,5t@48km/h). When unfolded, it does not interfere with the free passage of citizens. Ideal for organising temporary protection of driveways during public events (fairs, festivals, weekly markets, public holidays etc.)

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

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Model RB319-25-M
Security class PAS68 / IWA14-1 7,5т@48km/h
Installation type аbove the ground (mobile)
Drive mechanical
Blocking width, mm 200
Set dimensions, mm 4900x2087x830
Blocking height, mm 710
Load per axle, t 15
Impact resistance, kJ 689 kJ
Protection level IP 67
Operating temperature*, °C -40 / +40
Materials Structural steel C22
- warning painting

Hot galvanizing 70-110 /priming/painting)
Technical specifications can be changed without prior notice.
* For temperatures below -10 °C heating system to be used.
M30 High security mobile speedbumps
TiSO Mobile mechanical road blocker RB319-25-M

datasheet of TiSO Mobile mechanical road blocker RB319-25-M

Mobile mechanical road blocker (PDF 1,57Mb)

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