October 17, 2017, the European Commission announced that there was insufficient anti-terrorist protection of European cities.

One of the most important measures in the fight against terrorism was called the installation of "innovative and unobtrusive obstacles that would protect the city without changing their open character." The Special Commission also proposes to organize a number of meetings and conferences, where representatives of interested parties could exchange experience in counter-terrorism measures. "Most often terrorists make attacks on such urban areas as loaded pedestrian areas, attractions, shopping centers. These are very vulnerable objects, "the European Commission reported.

Practice shows that terrorists often choose far simpler means of committing crimes. Most of the recent terrorist attacks (attack on the fair in Germany, attacks in Barcelona) were committed by driving cars or heavy goods vehicles into areas where there are large gatherings of people. Unfortunately, Ukraine has also joined this sad world trend.

One of the more simpler ways of protecting the public against vehicle collisions is by installing high security bollards - an innovative low-key barrier. CTS test results show that a single TiSO bollard can stop a 7,000kg vehicle traveling at a speed of 80 kmh. TiSO manufacture a wide range of tested blocking systems: from parking barriers and posts to powerful anti terrorism devices. In addition fixed, automatic and semi-automatic bollards are also available. The simplest and most common method is a fixed bollard as these devices are an ideal low cost solution when pedestrians need additional protection, typically areas around shopping, office centers, attractions and parks.
TiSO also manufacture a wide range of crash tested high security products including retractable bollards and road blocking equipment. These are designed for areas were vehicular access needs to be effectively controlled. The bollards and blockers when in the open position will withstand a high speed vehicle impact and when access is granted the blocker drops flush into the ground allowing the vehicle to pass. This is easily integrated with the ACS which allows you to fully automate the system.
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