The “TiSO” company showcased its products at Annual Exhibition for Commercial and Governmental Security IFSEC-2013 (May 13 -16 Birmingham, UK). Our partners were happy to see TISO PRODUCTION stand that proves to be one of the biggest for physical security stands with its 72 sq. meters.
Brand new models as well as innovations in popular and well established products were showed at this exhibition.
Our new exhibit was a full-height turnstile Sesame Basic - a new highlight of security technology and light metalwork with zinc coating.
Special attention was given to a fully-metal-version of Sweeper turnstile with stainless embodiment of double gates with improved tailgate system.
Among the upgraded products, were showed:

- Full-height glass turnstile GlassGO;

GlassGO, IFSEC-2013

- Full-height turnstiles Sesame Twin and Bicyclone with new, compact mechanism container;

Bicyclone and Sesame Twin, IFSEC-2013

- Re-designed shortened rotor turnstile Cyclone;

Cyclone, IFSEC-2013

- Upgraded access control system, which now supports the integration of barcode readers and fingerprint;


- Freshly developed software system for ticket machines, finding its huge range of applications at parking facilities, stadiums and entertainment zones;

- Freeway turnstiles with build-in sound indication (in additional to light one);

Freeway turnstiles, IFSEC 2013 show

- Centurion turnstiles - now even more reliable than before;

Centurion, IFSEC-2013

- Easy-to-install road blocking systems.

Road Blocking Systems, IFSEC-2013

Wooden and metal fire-resistant doors were also presented at our stand. They meet international quality standards, and can be favorably compared with the price of the competitors.

Fire-resistant doors, IFSEC-2013

We thank all visitors of our stand for your attention and look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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