Globalization forces society to raise the level of quality standards, comfort and safety. Private companies strive to organize the movement of transport on the territory of their facilities as efficiently as possible. City authorities provide comfortable parking and access to public spaces. It is important for public utilities to ensure order with parking in the entrusted territory.

Bollards are just the right tool to solve all of the above problems.



Given the special specifics of such equipment as bollards, it is most effective to purchase it with the help of an expert. We recommend you to contact us at so that we can find a solution for you.

But still, before getting contact with the manager, we recommend you read the TOP 10 tips before purchasing a bollard.


Tip 1. Determine what protection level you need

Bollards are divided into two classes: traffic bollards and high security (anti-ram) bollards. Traffic bollards serve for traffic management mainly. At the same time high security (anti-ram) bollards are anti-terrorist equipment that requires mandatory certification. TiSO bollards are certified according to ASTM F2656, IWA14-1 and PAS 68.


Tip 2. Do you need a traffic bollard?

Traffic bollards are used for private and civilian needs. The thickness of the steel usually does not exceed 4 mm. Parking management, access of special vehicles to urban spaces is the main task of such class devices. Traffic bollards could be removable, mechanical, semi-automatic and automatic. Such a wide range is designed to solve an equally wide range of tasks.


Tip 3. Choose removable and mechanical bollards for lightly loaded objects

Removable and mechanical bollards are designed specifically for places where there is not a lot of traffic. For example, mechanical bollards are suitable for spaces such as a townhouse parking lot, an employee parking entrance, or a dedicated executive parking space. To allocate certain spaces, for example, to combat unauthorized parking, it is enough to use removable bollards.


Tip 4. Install automatic bollards for high traffic areas

If your task is to manage vehicles across the territory, the use of automatic bollards will be an appropriate solution. The devices can easily be integrated with special readers that receive information from the tag installed on the vehicle. By receiving feedback, the access control system gives the command to lower the bollard. The bollard can also be controlled by the remote control, for example, for guest passage. Such system will be convenient for organizing access to the parking lots of large residential complexes, the movement of vehicles on the territory of the enterprise or in urban areas. Integration with a plate scanner is possible for quick access of particualar vehicles.


Tip 5. Enterprise security - a task for high security (anti-ram) bollards

Specialists in the security of large industrial facilities of military and strategic infrastructure solve more serious problems than the fight against improper parking. The mission here is to prevent terrorist and raider attacks. The main buyers of products are the state and industrial groups, however, there are also private customers. The mechanisms that ensure the operation of these bollards are separate devices that are connected to the bollards by means of hydraulic hoses. This solution provides a high intensity of bollards and ease of maintenance. Anti-rattle bollards must be certified. The most important part of certification is the crash test. TiSO bollards are certified according to international standards ASTM F2656, IWA14-1 and PAS 68.


Tip 6. Decide if you need an access control system to control bollards

There are a large number of access control systems that meet all customer needs. That should be discussed with the manager.


Tip 7. If you plan to install bollards by yourself - carefully read the installation manual and contact the manufacturer for technical support

Installation of bollards requires compliance with specific technical conditions specified by the manufacturer. This guarantees long and reliable operation of the equipment


Tip 8. Hire qualified installers

Installation of bollards, at first sight, is not difficult, however almost each object demands individual decisions. In the absence of relevant experience, it is possible to make mistakes that will lead to the need to reinstall the equipment. Pay attention to the experience of installers with bollards and qualifications in electrical work. Also keep in mind that the details of the installation and connection processes of bollards from different manufacturers may differ, so make sure that the installers are familiar with the technical documentation.


Tip 9. Do not neglect maintenance

See the technical documentation section on the frequency and list of maintenance work. Keep in mind that maintenance is performed directly on site and does not take much time, but at the time of its implementation bollards will not work.


Tip 10 Buy a bollard

If you have read up to this point, you already know the main aspects that you should pay attention to when buying a bollard. Therefore, we further recommend you to contact our sales team at to place an order.


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