Automatic bollards at Border area between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Automatic bollards and Centurion-M at Border area between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Location: Border area between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Solutions: Automatic (hydraulic) bollards; Centurion-М tripod turnstiles


Border area


The Kazakh-Kyrgyz border is the modern state border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The length of the border is 1212 km and starts from the border junction with Uzbekistan to the border junction with China. Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is located just 16 km south of this border, and the city of Almaty is 29 km north.

Border area between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is a specially equipped point through which people, vehicles and goods are passed through the state border.


The Importance of protecting the border between countries

Border area

The protection of the state border is one of the most important points for guaranteeing national security. The fact that the border point between countries is a strategically important facility makes it necessary to protect it. As a rule, passages at border checkpoints are limited by barriers, but this is not the most reliable way to protect against threats. Therefore, we believe that passages should be secured by anti-ram equipment, such as road blockers and bollards. Such devices guarantee the restriction of the passage of cars, and also protect the employees of the border checkpoint from car collisions (in the event of terrorist attacks on the car).

It is not enough to restrict travel by barriers only. More stringent measures are needed to actually stop the car in the event of a deliberate and sometimes accidental collision.

TiSO solutions for security of national border point between countries

The border point between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is equipped with 22 automatic bollards, which work in conjunction with each other. They serve as a protective barrier which restricts access of unauthorized vehicle. Our automatic bollards are hydraulically driven and have a lifting and lowering speed of 7.0 and 5.5 seconds, respectively. When required by the project, bollarads must be in a raised state, but if necessary, they can be quickly lowered or raised. Bollards TiSO guard several entrances, each checkpoint consists of a set of bollards that function simultaneously. But you can also lower / raise a few bollards if needed.

Automatic bollards at the border checkpoint

The bollard’s top lid is equipped with an LED indication and a reflective tape. Even in the dark, bollards are clearly visible, which prevents accidental hitting of bollards.

The coating of the dynamic bollard cylinder is stainless steel. In this performance, bollards fit well on the location. If necessary, we can paint bollard cylinder in any RAL color, as well as apply your logo or other patterns, in accordance with the requirements of your project.

Also for people flow control - turnstiles at the checkpoint

Centurion M version at Border area

Also, at the border point between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, tripod turnstiles from TiSO – Centurion-M are installed. The turnstiles have a sturdy body and high carrying capacity.

After successfully passing through customs control, a person can go through the turnstile. Otherwise, the turnstile prevents the passage of an unauthorized person.

The turnstile is equipped with LED indication to signal the authorization status: red cross - access denied, green arrow - access open.

The turnstiles are equipped with anti-panic function as standard. Thus, in the event of an urgent evacuation, the turnstile pods are lowered and people can safely leave the facility.

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