In addition to protection of staff, visitors, and equipment, there is an urgent need to prevent theft, vandalism, or industrial espionage. Also in recent years, the possibility of an explosive threat as one of the elements of terrorism has increased. All this can lead to significant material damage and resource losses, so much attention is paid to both information security and external security. These problems are especially acute now for the manufacturing sector, so they need to be addressed at all stages.

Due to the large number of threats, the requirements for the protection of production are very high. The location of such objects is an added big factor. The usual locations of factories and plants are remote from the administrative management of external areas, which are very convenient for unexpected attacks. That is why the protection of the perimeter is a priority issue.

Protection the manufacturing sector
with road blocks and bollards

Fences are enough for total protection of plants and factories. They can be destroyed and passed without huge effort. Instead, our products will be able to provide the best tools to protect the perimeter and control access to the territory. All this is done in order to limit the access of third parties to strategically important areas. In addition, high-quality and certified road blocks/bollards protect the lives of employees and visitors from potential intentional or accidental vehicle collisions.

In addition to control and safety issues, installation of bollards and road blockers reduced logistical problems. This precautionary measure, in addition to high-quality site planning, simplifies movement on the territory of vehicles and, accordingly, speeds up the production process. Road blockers and bollards could be integrated with security systems and / or other access control systems.


  • Certification. Our road blockers and bollards are tested according to PAS68, IWA14 & ASTM F2656 standards. Thus, our products are suitable for installation in facilities with the highest safety requirements.
  • Simplicity and high speed of installation. Our road blockers and bollards have an ultra-modern design - no complicated and bulky elements. Some models can be installed in half an hour, since they do not require preparation of a pit for installation, such as the Mobile Speedbump M30.
  • Installation in city areas. Installation in city areas. Our bollards have a minimum installation depth such as the High security Speedbump M30 - only 200 mm. Thus, during installation, underground utilities will not be damaged.
  • Ease of pedestrian access. Our bollards restrict vehicle access and allow pedestrians with bicycles or strollers to pass comfortably through bollards.
  • Design. Design. The dynamic bollard tube can be made of stainless steel. It can also be painted in any color according to the RAL scale. As standard, road blockers are yellow-black or white-red.
  • Range. The range includes road blockers and bollards of various heights, widths, diameters, drives and installation methods. Therefore, we have a solution for different locations and projects.


The choice of a particular model of road blocker or bollard depends on many factors - the type of object, geography, weather conditions, frequency of operation, etc. And we can help you to choose the model that suits your project in the best way. Fill out the form below, describe your task, and we will contact to provide with solution.

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