Shopping malls, such as places where a lot of people can be, simply have to be fenced in with blockers around the perimeter. The most terrible possible threat that can occur if such a security measure is neglected is terrorism. The last few years have presented us with more than one case when a fanatic of some criminal organization crashed into a crowd of people at full speed, which led to tragic consequences. Shopping malls can be an easy target for this if they are not fenced off with bollards or road blockers.

In addition to deliberate crimes, such as a terrorist attack, one should not ignore the accidents that happen to vehicle owners more and more often. It is also better to prepare for this in advance, because no one can predict what will happen tomorrow.

Protection of the perimeter of shopping malls, shops, fairs, markets

If we talk about the threats mentioned above, the purpose of using blockers and bollards is quite obvious. In such cases, they simply do not simply block the entry of vehicles into the territory of a shopping center (store, supermarket, etc.), where a large number of people can concentrate. Since the areas of the location of shopping centers are designed so that you can enter the territory from different sides, most often the most dangerous zones are fenced off in such a way that no vehicle can pass through and cause serious damage.

The same applies to accidents when cars are blown off the road or the driver loses control. A safe distance is considered to be at least 30 meters from the commercial building. This form of protection should only be provided by the best available bollards and bollards that are strong enough to withstand the impact of the vehicle and minimize damage from the most severe collisions.


  • Certification. Our road blockers and bollards are tested according to PAS68, IWA14 & ASTM F2656 standards. Thus, our products are suitable for installation in facilities with the highest safety requirements.
  • Simplicity and high speed of installation. Our road blockers and bollards have an ultra-modern design - no complicated and bulky elements. Some models can be installed in half an hour, since they do not require preparation of a pit for installation, such as the Mobile Speedbump M30.
  • Installation in city areas. Our bollards have a minimum installation depth such as the High security Speedbump M30 - only 200 mm. Thus, during installation, underground utilities will not be damaged.
  • Ease of pedestrian access. Our bollards restrict vehicle access and allow pedestrians with bicycles or strollers to pass comfortably through bollards.
  • Design. The dynamic bollard tube can be made of stainless steel. It can also be painted in any color according to the RAL scale. As standard, road blockers are yellow-black or white-red.
  • Range. The range includes road blockers and bollards of various heights, widths, diameters, drives and installation methods. Therefore, we have a solution for different locations and projects.


The choice of a particular model of road blocker or bollard depends on many factors - the type of object, geography, weather conditions, frequency of operation, etc. And we can help you to choose the model that suits your project in the best way. Fill out the form below, describe your task, and we will contact to provide with solution.

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