Crash-test Mobile Speedbump (M30, P2)

We are considering this date 20th of September 2018 - to be a day of a big success. TiSO has performed another successful crash-test at CTS.GmbH facilities in Munster.

New model of TiSO Mobile Speedbump RB 358-07 has been tested in accordance to ASTM F2656/F2656 M-18a M30 and IWA 14-1:2013 standards.

This is an outstanding achievement considering that this completely mobile road blocker DOES NOT require any installation to the ground.

Key advantages of Mobile Speedbumps M30:
- full mobility of crash-rated, automatic wedge barrier;
- easy application: setting up within 10 minutes: simply by delivering to the site → unloading → plug in to the power;
- no civil works required: no anchors/no bolts.

3 steps to install

Main Application for Mobile Speedbumps M30
Ideal for organising temporary protection of driveways during public events. Such as fairs, festivals, weekly markets, public holidays etc.

Take your chance to use this unique opportunity for security portfolio extension. Available in sale.

crash test of M30 mobile speedbump

P.S.: Entire TiSO company is thankful to R&D team and to Mr. Peter Dyschluk (Head of Engineering) for successful implementation of this bold engineering idea.

About mobile speedbump M30   Watch full crash-test video of mobile Speedbump


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