High security road blockers at the


Burj Al Arab (literally "Arab Tower") is a hotel in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The building stands in the sea at a distance of 280 meters from the shore on an artificial island connected to the land by a bridge. With a height of 321 m, it was the tallest hotel in the world until 2008. The Burj Al Arab is currently the 5th tallest hotel in the world, although 39% of its total height is vacant. Burj Al Arab is the 56th tallest building in Asia and the 70th tallest in the world.
The construction of the hotel began in 1994; it opened to visitors on December 1, 1999. The hotel was built in the form of a dhow sail, an Arab vessel ("The Sail"). At an altitude of 210 meters there is a helipad, and on the other side is the restaurant "El Muntaha" (from Arabic "The Highest"), both supported by cantilever beams.




To control access to the hotel territory, as well as for the total protection of the hotel perimeter, it is necessary to install road blockers. The choice of one or another model depends on a number of factors: weather conditions (temperature, humidity), traffic intensity at the location, control method, the ability to connect power, the state of the location (the possibility of installation work), etc. When we started work with the Burj Al Arab project, we agreed on many of these and other nuances so that the result would fully satisfy the customer.

Road blocker is located at the entrance of the hotel, thereby preventing unauthorized vehicles access. Despite the fact that the high security devices completely blocks access for cars, still unhindered access for pedestrians remains available. In addition, it is possible to close the gate if there is a need of absolute restriction of access even for pedestrians.

The road blocker can be in two positions: open (raised) and closed (lowered). Management (lowering/raising) of the blocker is carried out using the remote control, which is located at the guard post.


High security road blockers at the

Each object is equally important for us: whether they are stadiums, city squares, private properties or world-famous objects. As far as the main task of the entire TiSO team is to make people's lives safer, regardless of the status of the location.

But of course, we are aware that such facilities as the Burj Al Arab hotel have very high security requirements in general, and in particular to the protection of the perimeter. We cannot share all the details of the project, but we will tell you about some key ones.

A few months ago, Burj Al Arab began to conduct tours. For comfortable and safe access to the hotel territory, a separate road was organized for tourists access.

We were faced with the task to organize the protection of the entrance through the checkpoint for official vehicles (bugs). Considering that there are dozens of excursions per day, the mode of using road blocker is very intensive. That is why the customer was looking for equipment that would operate in intensive mode for a long time. TiSO road blocker approached this parameter, as it has an ultra-high MCBF.

The difficulty of choosing an appropriate road blocker was also associated with underground communications are very close to the road surface. Our road blocker approached this parameter, as far as it has an ultra-small installation depth (about 200 mm). Despite the fact that this model has a shallow installation depth, it is a heavy-duty protection of the territory (which is confirmed by successfully passed crash tests).

One of the decisive arguments in favor of road blocker by TiSO was the fast manufacturing time. Among other manufacturers of similar equipment, our production terms are the most attractive for any customer.

High security road blockers at the


One of the important criteria when choosing equipment for this project was the availability of appropriate certificates for road blockers. The equipment that was installed at this facility is certified in accordance with PAS68/IWA14-1 (7.5t@80km/h) standards.


High security road blockers RB33X-01, PAS68/IWA14-1 (7,5Т@80km/h).

High security road blockers RB33X-01, PAS68/IWA14-1 (7,5Т@80km/h).

Key features:

- Certified according to PAS68/IWA14-1 (7.5T@80KM/H).
- Simplicity of installation, reliable, durable and functional.
- Designed for high intensity work.
- Ability to integrate with any ACS
- EFO (Emergency fast operation) up to 1.5 seconds.
- Low operating and maintenance costs.
- A variety of additional equipment (traffic lights, photocells, sound alarms, etc.).

BROCHURE High security road blockers RB33X-01     READ MORE BROCHURE High security road blockers RB33X-01


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