M30 High security Fixed/Removable bollards

TiSO M30 high security fixed and removable bollards are the most cost-effective solution for preventing unauthorised vehicle access. Being pedestrian friendly the TiSO high security bollards correspond to the requirements for anti-ramming protection. Installation simplicity and absence of necessity in service maintenance are the main features to be outlined. On the other hand, the greatest advantage related to its mobility, when free access is required. Advanced technologies and extensive manufacturing experience ensure that TiSO high security fixed bollards are durable easy to install and maintain.

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Model RB343-62 RB343-62-F
Intallation type Removable Fixed
Security class Designed to keep
ASTM F2656 M30
Designed to keep
ASTM F2656 M30
Diameter, mm 325
Height, mm 800
Wall thickness, mm 20
Installation depth (with foundation case), mm 300
Dimensions of underground structure, mm 2460x1460x250
Materials Galvanized and powder coated tube (any RAL up on request)
Stainless steel sleeve / casing up on request
high security fixed bollard
TiSO M30 High security fixed/removable bollards RB343-62

Datasheet of high security fixed bollard (RB343-62)

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